I'm Bipedal, welcome to The Silent Library: the most complete repository of English-translated Gaki no Tsukai content on the web. The links above will take you to the Mega folder where the files are kept, the master spreadsheet, the latest version of the torrent, and a twitter feed where updates are posted.



2022.10.01 - I have no real news but it's been a while. How are you? I can feel a torrent update coming on. Maybe not soon soon, but still pretty soon. Soon-ish, anyway. Also, a lot of really skilled/devoted/foolish people have been working hard on naming conventions for WDT and Knight Scoop, so I'll make a move to comply with those soon (soon).

2022.06.27 - Back home after a 2 month hiatus. Sorry for the service interruption! The library is current again (pending a few raws I'm looking for) and should go back to the usual "current to within a day or two of releases" schedule. I also need to go ahead and get that art gallery published.

2022.02.15 - Yankee Gurentai VHS feat. early Cocorico is in the raw hoard! This is the first time it's available to watch without a VCR as far as I can tell. Big ups, u/BuckWildBabycakes for out-ripping me and getting a good copy of it recorded.

2022.01.31 - Torrent's updated. Just over 1TB this time. Apparently I put the old date on the copy of the spreadsheet in the torrent; it's still been updated.

2021.11.29 - A recent donor made me aware that I never really explicitly explained that if you donate, I redact your email and add it to the ticker at the bottom of this page. This donor wanted some extra redaction, so I guess if anyone has any special instructions regarding your donation ticker credit, include it as a message through PayPal, please.

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